The New TradeTips Chat Room is Open

Feb 17, 2021

It is time for a new beginning. With a lot of hard work, sweat and happy-hour beverages, we’ve developed a new mobile app which you can find here:

Unlike a lot of those other free commission trading apps out there … TradeTips helps you make money by giving you tools to KNOW WHAT TO TRADE. If you cannot make money with TradeTips, then we shouldn’t be in business. The app is multifunctional with algorithms, AI and live human Mentors to help people navigate the stock market. 

We are not a trading platform and we do not sell our data to big banks so that they can front run your trades (like some apps currently do.) Our purpose is to educate people and give you guidance as to what to trade, when to trade and how to do it. As we are not currently funded by the Fed or any other charity organizations there will eventually be a cost involved for subscribers. Currently it is free to download and available for both $AAPL and $GOOG phones. We have not released a $BBRY version as of yet. Sorry, Canada.

But, this post is about the new chat room … which is now live and in color on your phone. If you wish to become a Trade Tips Mentor you will be able to access the chat room through your favorite web browser. 

For everyone else this is an open invitation to join us in Chat Room One and ask any question you have about investing. We will roll out more exclusive chat rooms that will give you more hands on help and recommendations just for you in the coming weeks.

How to get into the room?

1. Click on your profile icon in the upper left of the TraeTips app.

2. Click on the “Chat Rooms” tab (between your Timeline and Follows tabs).

3. Click the “Enter Room” button.

Easy. See you there.